Blueprint of our Existence

Somayeh Gholami’s solo exhibition, titled “Our Blueprint of Our Existence,” premiered on January 13, 2024, at the prestigious Aga Khan Foundation in Lisbon. The exhibition, supported by the Portuguese Institute of Art and Technology (PAAT), is set to captivate audiences until January 27, 2024.

PAAT, known for its dedication to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among artists, scientists, and technology innovators, is committed to pioneering new forms of artistic expression intertwined with technological advancements.

Dr. Somayeh Gholami, an accomplished mathematician, brings a unique perspective to the world of art by intricately incorporating mathematical and logical concepts into the art of calligraphy. With a doctoral background in mathematics, Gholami’s works transcend conventional boundaries, presenting profound human concepts through the elegant strokes of calligraphic expression.