Green Europe Film

The Green Europe Film Festival, an initiative of the Euro AV-Network, is an annual event that spotlights films and filmmakers focused on environmental issues and sustainable living. This festival serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations that contribute to the discourse on ecological challenges and solutions. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Mora, Portugal, the festival spans three days, offering a selection of films that vary from documentaries to fictional narratives, all united by their commitment to environmental themes.

Attendees of the Green Europe Film Festival include a mix of industry professionals, environmental activists, filmmakers, and the public, all brought together by their shared concern for the planet. The festival aims to educate and inspire action through its screenings, panel discussions, and workshops led by experts in sustainability and film. By showcasing stories that highlight the urgency of environmental conservation and the beauty of sustainable practices, the festival aims to ignite a passion for the Earth and motivate change.

The festival’s duration allows ample opportunity for networking, learning, and celebration of the arts, all while promoting a green agenda. It stands as a testament to the Euro AV-Network’s dedication to intertwining cultural richness with ecological responsibility, providing attendees with an enriching experience that resonates far beyond the festival itself.