Somayeh Gholami

Conferência "Ink and Elegance: A Journey Through the Persian Calligraphy and the Kufic Script", com Somayeh Gholami

No próximo dia 7 de dezembro às 14h30 a Doutora Somayeh Gholami, proferirá a palestra intitulada Ink and Elegance: A Journey Through the Persian Calligraphy and the Kufic Script no Auditório Rainha Sonja, CUBO.

Somayeh Gholami Bardeji nasceu em Shiraz, Irão e vive em Portugal desde 2009. Além de Cientista, Somayeh é apaixonada pela Arte da Caligrafia, em especial, Caligrafia Persa e Kufic Script. Somayeh faz parte da Comunidade Persa de Caligrafia e é membro da Society of Iranian Calligraphers.

Somayeh Gholami integra várias Exposições individuais e coletivas, workshops e palestras em Portugal e no Irão. 

Join us for an enlightening talk presented by Dr. Somayeh Gholami, a member of the PAAT at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon. Dr. Gholami will take us on a captivating journey titled “Ink and Elegance: A Journey Through the Persian Calligraphy and the Kufic Script.”

Delve into the rich history and intricate artistry of Persian calligraphy as Dr. Gholami unveils the profound significance of this ancient tradition. From its roots in the cradle of civilization to its evolution as a symbol of cultural identity, Persian calligraphy embodies centuries of artistic expression and spiritual reflection.

Central to Dr. Gholami’s discourse is the exploration of the Kufic script, a distinctive style renowned for its geometric precision and aesthetic elegance. As she unravels the intricacies of this script, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of its symbolic representations and cultural nuances.

Through vivid imagery and insightful commentary, Dr. Gholami will elucidate the profound impact of Persian calligraphy on various aspects of art, architecture, and literature. From the ornate embellishments of historic manuscripts to the graceful curves adorning architectural marvels, the influence of calligraphy permeates every facet of Persian culture.

Whether you are an aficionado of art and history or simply curious about the cultural heritage of Persia, this talk promises to inspire and enlighten you. Join us as we embark on a visual and intellectual odyssey, celebrating the timeless beauty of “Ink and Elegance” in Persian calligraphy and the revered Kufic script.