IroMedia 2023

LATIN-AMERICAN New Media Artists*
+NFT FINE ARTS Exhibition

Brazil – Argentina – Cuba – Chile – Iran

The 2nd annual Iromedia is a special exhibition of video art and video installation based on Latin American and Iranian New Media artists.

Artists of The Event

Latin American Artists

Iranian Artists

Presented Collection

INcoming [Enrique Ramirez]

This project was born out of a response to the infamous image published April 19, 2016, in which the Norwegian immigration minister, Sylvi Listhaug, was photographed in the Mediterranean Sea ‘abandoning ship’ from a Norwegian rescue vessel – wearing a protective orange survival suit

VACAS [Gabriela Golder]

A bull, or perhaps it is just a cow, is chasing a group of people who are escaping on a packed horsedrawn wagon. But the cow gives up its seemingly hysterical chase, and turns off. It doesn’t stand a chance. This is the first and also the last scene in the Argentinean artist Gabriela Golder’s video Cows.

AFFECTS [Kika Nicolela]

What is the emotional noise that happens when we get touched by images that are purely created through dialogue with an artificial intelligence?
I have always been fascinated by how Bergman’s films portrayed women and the complex relationship between them, especially in ‘Cries and Whispers’ and ‘Persona’.

SOLASTALGIA [Lucas Bambozzi]

O conceito de solastalgia – estresse mental e/ou existencial causado por mudanças ambientais abruptas, não só por consequências naturais, mas também, por modelos de extrativismo danosos – norteia e intitula a exposição inédita que o cineasta, artista visual e pesquisador em novas mídias

TRAMAS [Usurla San Cristobal]

My artistic work proposes a meeting point between experimental music, performance art and video art, which I conceive as tools for exploring contemporary subjectivity, addressing issues such as gender, identity,
fragility, eroticism, intimacy and affection.


Video art from Brazil

RETROCEDER [Elcio Miazaki]

Without interfering with the object, the clock face with the inverted numbers is original, as well as the mechanism of the machine running it counter clockwise, which underwent a revision to fit its current position as an artwork.


A video art presented by TDF Collective Society from Brazil and Italy.

REQUIEM [Isabel Rodriguez Ramos]

Requiem” – “riposo”, “pace” in lingua latina – è la parola con cui l’artista Isabel Rodriguez Ramos sceglie di salutare i resti di un albero secolare, abbattuto pochi giorni prima del loro incontro.